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A comprehensive backup solution to protect your data, manage risk and reduce your IT operating costs. Our enterprise backup solution takes the pain out of protecting critical information, while achieving efficient data recovery. With our solution, you can protect on-premise data. Once protected, you can restore business applications, servers or a single file anytime you need, at the click of a button!

Cloud Based Storage

Our cloud online backup service is designed specifically to protect your digital assets. Powered by Veeam software it is reliable, secure, automated and scalable meaning it’s built to grow with your organization.

Office 365 Backup

No, there is a very common misconception that Microsoft takes care of everything. This perception puts your critical data and entire business at considerable risk. It is true that they take care of the physical cloud infrastructure and connectivity to give you a very reliable service. However, your data stored in their cloud is YOUR responsibility. You need to ensure that your Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive data are adequately protected.

Ransomware Protection

Modern ransomware is evolving and capable of lying in wait for days on end, specifically to infect files when staff are not in the office. The latest releases also now infiltrate and infect backups. Our software has been engineered so that you can always restore your data from a previous point in time.

RUSecure provides industry leading Cloud Online Backup to thousands of world-wide customers every day.

Powered by Veeam software and using the latest multi-layered encryption methods, RUSecure automatically protects critical business data across our data centres, providing peace of mind and rock solid reliability that is GDPR compliant.

Choose from our range of online or disk-to-disk backup solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers, to build a cost effective, capital expenditure-free option that meets your offsite backup requirements.

Rapid Backup and Recovery of All Types of Data

RUSecure supports the protection of a multitude of different systems. With the trend of moving data from the office to the cloud, RUSecure’s powerful software can back up your critical data, wherever it may be.


What We Offer

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Cloud Based Offsite Storage

Your data is sent offsite to datacentres in Winnipeg to protect from fire, theft, flood, viruses and user error.

Secure Encryption

Your data is encrypted before it leaves your location. A unique encryption key is known only to the user and our multi-layered approach to security ensures your data is seen only by you.

Completely Automatic

Backups are performed every day at a time that suits you so there’s no need to worry about forgetting to insert the tape!

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